Moving Tips

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Knowing that moving can be a stressful time, we would like to offer a few suggestions for making your next move as smooth, economical, and safe as possible.
Careful preparation, as we've learned over the years, is the key to an efficient move.
First, make sure to provide the post office with a change of address form and to notify key correspondents of your move. These may include:
  • friends and family members
  • banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions
  • credit card companies
  • doctors, dentists and other service providers
  • obtain an IRS change of address form by calling 800-829-1040 or download Form 8822 from the IRS
Inform gas, electric, water, cable, local telephone and trash removal services of your move. Sign up for services at your new address.
Set aside important papers and personal items that will need to be available during the move. Gather packing supplies, markers, a pocket knife and a tape measure.

Careful packing can help prevent damage and speed the moving process.
  • dresser drawers may be used for packing soft, unbreakable items
  • books should be packed flat so that spines will not break, and spaces should be filled with wadded paper (use small boxes for books and other heavy items)
  • dishes and saucers should be packed on edge, and cups and bowls should be nested (fill spaces with paper or with dish towels)
  • take care not to over or under pack (try to keep each box under 50 lbs.)
  • remove the shades from all lamps, unscrew lightbulbs and pack both in a box (cords to lamps and other appliances should be wrapped around the item and tucked securely or taped)
  • remove the legs from tables, if possible (tape any screws or bolts to the inside of a drawer, or put in a special place where they can easily be found later)
  • cushion mirrors and picture frames by wrapping them in bubble wrap
  • discard all flammable materials before packing
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